Monday, January 2, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Fun!

In our ‘World’ here at the Beach, it all started with one simple premise, “Ya Gotta Have Fun”. We live in a crazy world at times, and sometimes you just need to keep life in perspective.

 Fun can be very contagious--it is laughing and smiling every day. 
Fun is choosing to find the Good in every person around you. 

Fun is surprising people, you the Guest, and the Team.

Fun is about respecting yourself & those around you. 
Fun is working hard & having someone say “Thank you”. Fun is knowing that at any given moment you have the opportunity to be the best. Fun is being around people who Care. Fun is giving back to those less fortunate. Ya know, if ya think about it, life is just a cool ride of possibilities that starts with Fun. 

Now, once we established the Fun, the Team, and the ambience, we felt something was missing. Oh, that’s right, we need some eats & drinks. It’s those little details that can make or break you in this business. It’s been fun to work with creative people who can bring the whole package together for a fun, memorable experience.

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