Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kool Kahunas at the Beach!

Team Members who get the Kool Kahuna Award at Beaches are those who truly represent our vision of Amazing Guest Service & Impressive Team Play.  We choose two people per month at each restaurant, and I can honestly say, it's hard to just pick two.  We've got a great Team!

 From Beaches Vancouver:
Arturo Santiago: Arturo has been with Beaches Vancouver for 11 years. His entertaining personality is a hit with the Team and our Guests. His cooking skills are top notch and always delicious. Next time you are in, ask him to whip you up his famous Sunday morning taquito omelet.
 Cody Heffelfinger: Cody has been with us for only 8 short months, but in that time his personality and work ethic have made him a valuable member of our Team from caterings to car shows to creating Christmas boats….You can always count on Cody to make you smile, laugh and just brighten your day!

From Beaches Portland Airport:
Brian Stults:  Brian has been a part of the Beaches Family for many years.  He started off in Vancouver as a busser, bar back, server and bartender.  He is an asset to the PDX team.  Brian is great with the guests, always going the extra mile--literally, he has been know to go to the store, make fresh squeezed lemonade. We appreciate all you do Brian.

Rene Hernandez:  Rene has been with Beaches PDX since it opened.  Rene is a non stop worker--from the minute he clocks in to the minute he clocks out he is slicing, dicing, shredding, mixing, checking in orders, getting things from the store room, etc.  He just keeps going & going & going... Ask him about anything & he has all the answers.  Great Job Rene!

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