Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cashback for the Children Center

What's happening this month at the Beach for the Children's Center!

The CHILDREN’S CENTER is dedicated to serving the community by providing quality mental health services to children and families of Clark County. They are committed to serving all children in need within their resources.

During the entire month of August, funds raised through the Charity tables will be donated to Children’s Center.  Request the best table in the house for a minimum $5 donation at lunch and $10 donation at dinner!  Also, on August 28th it will be “Cashback for Children’s Center” day!  Encourage all your friends, family members and coworkers to take the opportunity to dine at Beaches--breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour--just say Cashback for Children's Center and we will donate 50% of whatever you spend on food or beverage to the Children's Center!

Also, during August and September vote for you favorite "gams!" Here at Beaches we have a leg on display...come check it out!