Saturday, May 28, 2011

There's a New Lifeguard on the River!

And once upon a time, 'GQ the Lifeguard' appeared at the Beach...
He, and his trusted companion 'Doh Doh the Pelican',
came to watch over all of our Guests & Team in his quest
to find his long lost Uncle..... Mondo.
Ahhh Mondo... where art thou?

Yes, they stay perched atop the river keeping a watchful eye
& waving to each who pass by the mighty Columbia.
It has become customary for a two finger salute each day
towards our brave duo that simply means...
“thanks Doh Doh & GQ for making us safe today”

And.... If you stop by at 3AM each early morning, you will catch
GQ & Doh Doh playing an aggressive game of Hoops.
Doh Doh can soar... but GQ has duh moves!
Reserved seating available...Happy Hour.... 3AM-4AM
Minors must be accompanied by someone stupid.
Yea, you'll do!