Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Already??

Wow, it seems like we just finished up the Car Shows and now Santa & the Gang are in town. And of course with that comes the Christmas Ships, which will come by 5 times this year. It makes for a very busy holiday season thanks to YOU, our Guests, and of course the Team!
I think the best part of the season is having the Team & their families in to decorate the restaurant. They all put their little touches on it--some give it more thought than others (Cassondra & Chele--their part will be finished around January). Then, when we’re all done, we give away some goofy gifts, partake in some really bad Holiday Trivia, and then pick someone to take a little trip to someplace warm. This year it’s Michael Watts & Racheal Johnson heading off to Cabo next week. Considering the wind chill factor, the timing seems pretty good right now.
It’s also a time of year where helping others is part of the season. We just helped with an event for the Free Clinic, a great community organization that truly takes care of those in need. They raised some pretty good money--it was nice to see people step up & donate to a very worthy cause in these tough times. But, that is no surprise. . .the people in this community are known for helping out BIG. I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributed at a very cool event. Nice job to the committee, “Friends of the Free Clinic.”
The Airport is coming along, although we’re probably about 2 weeks off of our projections for starting the remodel. If I had to guess, it will probably shut down around Mid –January at this point. We’ve had a lot of good people helping us with the project- Don, TJ, Rachel, Jeff, Les, Ron, Judy, Randy, Scott, Devon & Mike --just to name a few. Once we open the restaurant back up I think people are going to absolutely love the feel of the place. Yeah, you’re going to want to go there even if you’re staying in town. It’ll be a fun experience!
Well, gotta go. Chat with you again soon,