Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poppin' Up Some Popcorn @ the Beach!

We're celebrating National Popcorn Day this week! Starting on this Thursday the 19th, we will have a jar of popcorn in the lobby of both restaurants for a week. 
Guess how many popped kernels are in the jar! Closest person wins a Dinner for 2 at either Restaurant. And, Chef Aaron at Beaches Portland Airport will roll out a NEW Caramel Corn flavor that day. . .Caramel Apple Cinnamon--it's delish!

Didja know--In the United States, popcorn has been popular for a VERY long time! In the early 1900's, popcorn wagons, drawn by horses were often found at festivals and fairs. And in the 20's, the wagons were replaced by 'popcorn-mobiles.'
During the Depression, popcorn, with the reasonable price of 5 cents, popcorn was one of the few 'luxury' food items that most families could afford. And during WWII, when candy production was reduced due to a shortage of sugar, popcorn consumption skyrocketed! 300%!

Then as Americans started buying televisions, popcorn consumption soared a whopping 500% as families popped the treat to eat while watching their favorite shows.
Today, approximately 1 billion pounds of popcorn are sold each year in the United States. And we're happy to be part of that statistic as we offer our delicious caramel corn and cheesy corn at both Beaches locations. It's a great snack for on the plane, on the go & to take home!! Popcorn--yum!

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