Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February's Kool Kahunas

Vancouver Beaches:
Juan has been with us for over 10 years.  He is an integral part of our prep & catering team and can fill in almost anywhere.  His sense of humor and awesome personality make him a team favorite.  We can always count on Juan to run a tight ship and to entertain at the same time.  Thank you Juan!

Alicia has been with us for over 5 years.  Not only is she amazing with our guests, especially the younger and the older ones, but she is a fantastic trainer and mentor.  Alicia’s infectious laugh can brighten anyone’s day and her wit will keep you on your toes.  Congratulations to both our Kool Kahunas and thanks for all you do!

Portland Airport Beaches:

Francine has worked at Beaches Portland Airport since we opened and is an asset to the Shack Team. If you spend some time in the Shack, you will find Port of Portland employees that walk by & whether they are picking up lunch or just passing by they always say “Hello Francine!” as they go by. She is often found on the other side of the counter talking to our guests. She also has the quickest fingers around--she can put an order in faster than the guests can say it! Thanks for all you do Francine.

Gumer has also been with us for a long time & is a jack-of-all-trades. You can find him doing dishes, prepping food & helping on the line. He moves from one station to the next, doing whatever is needed. He’s a multi-tasker & always has a smile on his face. You rock it Gumer--Thank you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

From Mychal at Beaches Vancouver:

There is something great about sampling new, local products. I find that even if I don't necessarily like all that is offered, I enjoy learning about local trends. This is our inspiration behind the beer and wine flight program we are starting this weekend. Our Flights will officially kick off on Saturday January 28th. 
Our Northwest wine flight highlights some great examples of our local varietals. Jovino pinot gris is the white and is a crisp yet soft Oregon pinot gris produced in Dundee, Oregon. The lighter of the two reds is A to Z pinot noir. This has been a great seller here at Beaches and represents all that Oregon pinot should be, smooth acids with aromas of cherries and spice. The inky dark red wine is a delicious syrah by Glen Fiona winery in Walla Walla, Washington. A complex, smoky aroma guides you to flavors of blueberries and plums making this one of my favorite wines we carry. 
Beaches New Beer Flight!
The beer flight pictured features some of the best IPA's from the Northwest: Ninkasi Brewing's Total Domination IPA, Everybody's Brewing's Country Boy IPA, and Breakaway IPA from American Brewing out of Edmonds, Washington. These brews are all hoppy, but very unique from one to the next. Come down and visit us over the weekend. 
Oh, I almost failed to mention our Happy Hour Effen Friday Special martini will be a guava drop. YES PLEASE. Hope I see your lovely mug down here at Beaches!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here It Is!

The Latest & Greatest at Beaches Vancouver!
We have welcomed the New Year with a New Look in the Shack area. . .time to move forward and change things up a little. Please join us and enjoy your lunch, dinner, Happy Hour or a glass of wine & dessert in front of the fireplace, snuggling up in a corner or chatting with friends! It's a great place to have fun!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Work In Progress at Beaches Vancouver!

Here are some pictures from last night's remodeling adventure at Beaches Vancouver! Lots happenin'--you definitely need to come check us out! To celebrate our "New Look" we are running Happy Hour for the next 3 nights (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!) from 3 to close!!
Along with the new look, we kick off our new Dessert Menu--gotta try the new Molten Smokin' Smores! Lots to look at & lots of good stuff to eat--don't miss out at the Beach & please let us know what you think!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poppin' Up Some Popcorn @ the Beach!

We're celebrating National Popcorn Day this week! Starting on this Thursday the 19th, we will have a jar of popcorn in the lobby of both restaurants for a week. 
Guess how many popped kernels are in the jar! Closest person wins a Dinner for 2 at either Restaurant. And, Chef Aaron at Beaches Portland Airport will roll out a NEW Caramel Corn flavor that day. . .Caramel Apple Cinnamon--it's delish!

Didja know--In the United States, popcorn has been popular for a VERY long time! In the early 1900's, popcorn wagons, drawn by horses were often found at festivals and fairs. And in the 20's, the wagons were replaced by 'popcorn-mobiles.'
During the Depression, popcorn, with the reasonable price of 5 cents, popcorn was one of the few 'luxury' food items that most families could afford. And during WWII, when candy production was reduced due to a shortage of sugar, popcorn consumption skyrocketed! 300%!

Then as Americans started buying televisions, popcorn consumption soared a whopping 500% as families popped the treat to eat while watching their favorite shows.
Today, approximately 1 billion pounds of popcorn are sold each year in the United States. And we're happy to be part of that statistic as we offer our delicious caramel corn and cheesy corn at both Beaches locations. It's a great snack for on the plane, on the go & to take home!! Popcorn--yum!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tebowing at the Beach!

If you've been living under rock (maybe hangin' with Mondo?!), you may not have heard about the newest rage/craze out there called "Tebowing!" Well, Tebowing does have a definition--What is Tebowing? 
(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

So we thought might do something fun (of course!) for our Facebook fans in honor of this year's Superbowl Game. We like to throw a party on Game Day--Feb 5, so we are going to giveaway a BFF Party for you & 9 (all they have to do is "Like" Beaches on Facebook) of your best football-watching buddies! All ya have to do. . .is take a picture & post your best "Beachin' Tebow Pose."

Everyone has one week, until January 14th, to post creative Beachin' Tebow Poses. Then we will vote on them and pick the best one. That person will win a BFF Party for 10!!

Just for fun, we asked some of our Team Members for their best "Tebowing!" Whaddya think? Some got it, and some, well. . .

Robbie--taking a pause
Keith--Don't hurt anyone!
Now he's feeling it!

Bri--deep in thought
Amber--doing her own thing!

Mychal--Now what was that drink order?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kool Kahunas at the Beach!

Team Members who get the Kool Kahuna Award at Beaches are those who truly represent our vision of Amazing Guest Service & Impressive Team Play.  We choose two people per month at each restaurant, and I can honestly say, it's hard to just pick two.  We've got a great Team!

 From Beaches Vancouver:
Arturo Santiago: Arturo has been with Beaches Vancouver for 11 years. His entertaining personality is a hit with the Team and our Guests. His cooking skills are top notch and always delicious. Next time you are in, ask him to whip you up his famous Sunday morning taquito omelet.
 Cody Heffelfinger: Cody has been with us for only 8 short months, but in that time his personality and work ethic have made him a valuable member of our Team from caterings to car shows to creating Christmas boats….You can always count on Cody to make you smile, laugh and just brighten your day!

From Beaches Portland Airport:
Brian Stults:  Brian has been a part of the Beaches Family for many years.  He started off in Vancouver as a busser, bar back, server and bartender.  He is an asset to the PDX team.  Brian is great with the guests, always going the extra mile--literally, he has been know to go to the store, make fresh squeezed lemonade. We appreciate all you do Brian.

Rene Hernandez:  Rene has been with Beaches PDX since it opened.  Rene is a non stop worker--from the minute he clocks in to the minute he clocks out he is slicing, dicing, shredding, mixing, checking in orders, getting things from the store room, etc.  He just keeps going & going & going... Ask him about anything & he has all the answers.  Great Job Rene!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ya Gotta Have Fun!

In our ‘World’ here at the Beach, it all started with one simple premise, “Ya Gotta Have Fun”. We live in a crazy world at times, and sometimes you just need to keep life in perspective.

 Fun can be very contagious--it is laughing and smiling every day. 
Fun is choosing to find the Good in every person around you. 

Fun is surprising people, you the Guest, and the Team.

Fun is about respecting yourself & those around you. 
Fun is working hard & having someone say “Thank you”. Fun is knowing that at any given moment you have the opportunity to be the best. Fun is being around people who Care. Fun is giving back to those less fortunate. Ya know, if ya think about it, life is just a cool ride of possibilities that starts with Fun. 

Now, once we established the Fun, the Team, and the ambience, we felt something was missing. Oh, that’s right, we need some eats & drinks. It’s those little details that can make or break you in this business. It’s been fun to work with creative people who can bring the whole package together for a fun, memorable experience.