Friday, February 22, 2013

I Do So Love Green Eggs & Ham!

Oh, I so like green eggs & ham.  Yep, it’s time.  February 25 thru March 1. What started as a mission with one school in 1996 to get parents to read with their kids has grown to 48 schools, Clark County wide.  We will hit them with a Dr. Seuss breakfast complete with the Cat in the Hat, some cool hats & books, and parents.  We do it with the help of the Beach Team, the School Districts, their Foundations, and a bunch of volunteers.  During the last week in February over 5 mornings, feeding just over 7000 kids & parents.  Yes, it’s quite the production, but oh so much fun.  Yes, them thar eggs are really, really green!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cashback for Summer Reading!

Get it on your Calendar for February 21st!
Cashback for FVRL Foundation Summer Reading Program
at Beaches Vancouver & Beaches Portland Airport
From morning til night--eat to support Summer Reading!