Monday, February 15, 2010

The ‘Team’ defines Beaches!

When I started Beaches, the premise for the concept came down to one word. . . Fun! After all, this is a business focused on people whether they work here, dine here, or if there’s something we can do for somebody in the community. All of these things have one thing in common--it’s about making people feel good.
So ‘Fun’ truly becomes the driving force for our Team. It’s Fun to watch this Team smile & laugh with the Guests. It’s Fun to watch them interact with each other out of respect & concern for one another. It’s Fun to have them involved in community activities that not only help other people, but give a sense of belonging. It’s Fun to watch the energy & positive attitude peak as more & more Guests come in each day. It’s Fun for me to know that we have 2 restaurants that are moving in the same direction because of ‘good’ people.
Beaches is simply a place that has a Team that Cares. Now that’s Fun!
Chat with you later,