Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kool Kahunas for May

Thanks to all our great staff. In May, we want to highlight a few folks who consistently go above and beyond:
In Vancouver:

Kody Gordon--Kody has become a key player in a short amount of time, filling some big shoes and helping the Team out wherever he is needed.  From pantry to calling tags to seating guests, this kid has got his stuff together and we’re lucky to have him!

Michael Watts--Michael, or Watts as he is better known, is also a jack of all trades going between bartending, serving, catering & whatever else we need.  His personality & willingness to help  make him a favorite with our Team & our Guests.
We’re grateful to both Kody & Watts for keeping us moving along...especially on Sunday Fundays!

At Portland Airport:
Sergio Alvurez--Sergio started at PDX in August of 2010 but had worked in Vancouver for years.  Sergio wears many hats here at PDX.  You can find him on the line in either the oven or pantry area, in the back prepping or in the dish pit getting all the dishes, pots, pans etc done.  Sergio is on the quiet side but his hard work speaks volumes.  Thanks for all you do Serge!

Maddy Rotzien--Maddy just had her one year anniversary with Beaches PDX, but she has been a part of the Beaches family for most of her life,  her mom has been on the team for many years.  Maddy adds a nice touch to the Shack-–she has a winning smile and always makes the guests feel welcome.  She is a great team player and we are glad that she is keeping the family tradition up!