Friday, January 27, 2012

From Mychal at Beaches Vancouver:

There is something great about sampling new, local products. I find that even if I don't necessarily like all that is offered, I enjoy learning about local trends. This is our inspiration behind the beer and wine flight program we are starting this weekend. Our Flights will officially kick off on Saturday January 28th. 
Our Northwest wine flight highlights some great examples of our local varietals. Jovino pinot gris is the white and is a crisp yet soft Oregon pinot gris produced in Dundee, Oregon. The lighter of the two reds is A to Z pinot noir. This has been a great seller here at Beaches and represents all that Oregon pinot should be, smooth acids with aromas of cherries and spice. The inky dark red wine is a delicious syrah by Glen Fiona winery in Walla Walla, Washington. A complex, smoky aroma guides you to flavors of blueberries and plums making this one of my favorite wines we carry. 
Beaches New Beer Flight!
The beer flight pictured features some of the best IPA's from the Northwest: Ninkasi Brewing's Total Domination IPA, Everybody's Brewing's Country Boy IPA, and Breakaway IPA from American Brewing out of Edmonds, Washington. These brews are all hoppy, but very unique from one to the next. Come down and visit us over the weekend. 
Oh, I almost failed to mention our Happy Hour Effen Friday Special martini will be a guava drop. YES PLEASE. Hope I see your lovely mug down here at Beaches!


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