Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis The Season!!

Giving Beaches Vancouver a rest between Fall Decor and the Holiday Look! Here's a couple of before shots!
Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving!

And all thru the restaurant. . .

We busily hurried & scurried

And hung & strung!

Some really got into it!
Others knew exactly what to do. . .

Some just looked cute. . .

We worked as a team,

Lots of help from friends. . .
 With Plenty of Smiles!

& family. . .
(what's wrong Jamie?)

We're ready for festivities & fun--come join us!!

Let the Holidays begin!

The Beaches Bake Off Winner!



Thanks to all for your help! The restaurant looks great--and we're looking forward 
to a wonderful holiday season! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Did Ya Know?

Have Ya Ever Heard of the Beaches' Charity Table?

Back in 1995, the opening Beaches Vancouver Team decided to create a table where people could feel good about giving back to those in need. The original idea was to use the table closest to the kitchen since it would be hard to seat. It didn’t take long to decide that if they were going to donate… Give them the best table in the house! Guests are allowed to reserve the Charity Table with a minimum $5 donation at lunch and $10 at dinner. 

One day a Guest really appreciated what we were doing in the community & generously donated $1,000! To this day, the Charity Table is named after that guest….The Todd Madsen Charity Table. The first charitable recipient of the table was the YWCA here in Vancouver. The table seats 6 people and can be reserved in advance. It's the best way to guarantee that window table!

The Charity Table became so popular that Leslie Durst told us we needed another one.  Leslie likes to bring friends in, and has always done great things for our community.  So in 2011, the Leslie Durst ‘Back up’ Charity Table began. 

It is also a very nice table that seats 5 comfortably right on the window. This table can also be reserved in advance.

Thanks Beach Team for coming up with a great way to give back to our community!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Beach is getting a facelift!

Beaches Vancouver Entry "Before"

Every so often you take a look at your Vision & decide it’s time to give it a boost. So, we got every Team member together from both restaurants and put a plan in motion to make it even better for You!

Beach Shack "Before" picture

Over the next 5-6 weeks we will be making some physical upgrades to the restaurant in Vancouver, and changing some of the seating layout at PDX.  

In addition, you will see a change in the Menus. Chef Matt & his Team have been playing with some new, creative approaches with food. That includes new items & some of your favorites.  

Mychal & his Team will take a page from the Beverage service we do at PDX and bring it to Vancouver. You’re gonna love the Beer & Wine Flights!

And the plan is never complete without chatting about Service.  If you think we were pretty good before, I think you will ‘feel’ the changes in a group of people who already truly care about you…. I have a great Team who is motivated to be even better!

So, hope ya like where we’re going & look forward to getting your feedback. 

See ya at the Beach,  Mark

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mychal's Latest Adventure!

We're always learning new things and trying to get better here at the Beach! Over the weekend,  I worked at Chateau Bianca Winery. Chateau Bianca is a family owned winery and the winemaker, Andreas Wetzel, makes some of the best & award-winning wine in the Willamette Valley. He makes wine for a few different labels, but my personal favorite is Silver Falls. Their Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris will both be on the new wine menu at Beaches Vancouver--coming out soon! 

While working there, I was very involved in the winemaking process. I helped with pouring the wine back over the skins, we added yeast to the grape juice, we unloaded grapes into the de-stemmer, we did just about everything besides bottling. I have a great respect for all the hard workers out there. I want to sincerely thank Andreas for the opportunity. Thanks to Renee, Alex and Matt for all their help as well.
On a more personal note--Had a great Halloween with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the Transformers. My sons MJ and Matthias really cleaned up trick or treating at their grandma's house and around our neighborhood. I must say Optimus Prime's costume was improved by a pretty creative & personal touch from yours truly! Can we say re-purposed BBQ wheels!