Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cool Stuff for Kids!

On February 29th (better known as Leap Day!), we are having our 1st "Cashback for Kids" Day. This is going to be an incredible opportunity to help give back to the community AND have a great time at the Beach! We're excited to use this "Extra" day of the year to do a little extra for the community--specifically for kids! For all those who come in that day to either restaurant--Beaches Vancouver & Beaches Portland Airport--mention this program & we will donate 50% of what you spend on Food & Beverage back to the local Backpack Program run by SHARE. This organization provides meals to kids on the weekends whose families just don’t have the means for basic necessities. We encourage you to make a reservation (360-699-1592 Vancouver or 503-335-8385 PDX) since we anticipate a busy day at the Beach. And, thanks to all of you out there who give your time, money, or both to a lot of great organizations who need our help.

Right after "Cashback for Kids," we'll be jumping right into our Annual "Green Eggs & Ham" Week!

In 1996, we started with one ‘at risk’ school that needed help to get parents involved.  So, we provide a little breakfast for everybody; throw in some cool hats & books; and have the Cat in the Hat energize the kids.  And the real fun…. The parents come to the schools & read with their kids… Cool!

Over the years, this program just got bigger & bigger.  What started with one school is now a community-wide program that hits 48 schools, all first graders. We will feed more than 7000 kids & parents in 5 mornings with a ton of volunteers & of course our Beach Team (they rock).  It’s actually quite the production working out of Beaches Kitchen & Firstenberg Center. We will have at least 8 teams on the road at all times for 3 hours each morning.  It takes a lot of folks to make sure those ‘green’ eggs arrive fresh!