Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

From Mychal in Vancouver!

Have you experienced Brewvana? It is a school bus that was converted into a beer bus for Brew tours. Here's a photo from the brew tour myself and some of the Beach Team took through Brewvana. 
The Brewvana Bus took us to the Hopworks Brewery in Portland. We were treated like Kings and Queens by the entire staff. 
Jamie Rodriguez showed us around their incredible brewing facility and informed on the brewing process. They really do some amazing stuff over there. They are concerned with their impact on the environment and do their best to recylcle and reuse just about everything. For example, they convert all the used grain and yeast from the beer into biodiesel to power part of the facility, COOL!
After the tour we were treated to pizza and beer in the dining room. My favorite beer was a new IPA they called Autonomous Prime, a nod to the leader of the Transformer's Autobots. At Beaches, we are pouring their Secession Ale, it is a black IPA and 100% organic and delicious. Be sure to check out experiencebrewvana.com to book your own brewery tour with Ashley. 
Also watch for Beaches to team up with Brewvana to offer more brew tours leaving from our restaurant in Vancouver. Come down and try a pint of Hopworks at Beaches! 

I also need to mention that coming up on June 8th--Beaches will be sponsoring our Annual Golf Tournament: Beachin' Bash on the Greens at Cedar Golf Course. As always, the tournament will be raising money for local kids. Call me (Mychal) or Ali up to register and find out more info: 360-699-1592. It's a lotta fun!!