Monday, November 7, 2011

The Beach is getting a facelift!

Beaches Vancouver Entry "Before"

Every so often you take a look at your Vision & decide it’s time to give it a boost. So, we got every Team member together from both restaurants and put a plan in motion to make it even better for You!

Beach Shack "Before" picture

Over the next 5-6 weeks we will be making some physical upgrades to the restaurant in Vancouver, and changing some of the seating layout at PDX.  

In addition, you will see a change in the Menus. Chef Matt & his Team have been playing with some new, creative approaches with food. That includes new items & some of your favorites.  

Mychal & his Team will take a page from the Beverage service we do at PDX and bring it to Vancouver. You’re gonna love the Beer & Wine Flights!

And the plan is never complete without chatting about Service.  If you think we were pretty good before, I think you will ‘feel’ the changes in a group of people who already truly care about you…. I have a great Team who is motivated to be even better!

So, hope ya like where we’re going & look forward to getting your feedback. 

See ya at the Beach,  Mark

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