Monday, July 8, 2013

It's a Fusion the Beach!

Fusion drinks have hit the Beach...and we've been having a blast mixing up new and fun flavors each week. What is a fusion drink? It's any drink made from a blend of fruits or other flavors, and therefore doesn't fit into a single flavor category. Which means it's a whole lotta fun! 

New Fusions are available every Monday and Friday Happy Hour at Beaches Vancouver, and if you stop in at the Portland Airport Beaches ask 'em what their Fusion of the Week is. We've been partnering different fruits, herbs & even candy! to come up with some fun concoctions. Take a look...Wild Berry Skittles Martini, Gin & Juice Martini, Mixed Berry Lemon Drop, to name a few!

Coming soon--it's your turn! Keep an eye on Facebook and soon we will be launching a Fantasy Fusion Contest. You get the chance to use your imagination to design, concoct, cookup, create your own Beaches Fusion Drink! Fun prize for our Winner...Stay tuned.

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