Friday, February 22, 2013

I Do So Love Green Eggs & Ham!

Oh, I so like green eggs & ham.  Yep, it’s time.  February 25 thru March 1. What started as a mission with one school in 1996 to get parents to read with their kids has grown to 48 schools, Clark County wide.  We will hit them with a Dr. Seuss breakfast complete with the Cat in the Hat, some cool hats & books, and parents.  We do it with the help of the Beach Team, the School Districts, their Foundations, and a bunch of volunteers.  During the last week in February over 5 mornings, feeding just over 7000 kids & parents.  Yes, it’s quite the production, but oh so much fun.  Yes, them thar eggs are really, really green!

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  1. We had a great time this morning! Thank you SO much for bringing smiles to the first graders' faces at Ridgefield Elementary. You guys are AWESOME!