Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breakfast at Beaches Portland Airport!

Did ya know? We do Breakfast at the Beach! Starting at 5am every day of the week, we have delicious breakfast choices--yummy, fast and fresh. We know it’s important to start your day off right, so we reviewed and revamped our menu to make sure we have what you want when you are headed out of town or just out on the town. Pictured here is our latest and greatest, the Salmon Skillet, already popular with our guests and destined to be a Beaches’ favorite.
We have also jazzed up our omelets and added a yummy Italian  Sausage Omelet that goes on the ‘must-try’ list! Also on the side now are crispy roasted red potatoes.
New to our morning drink selection is the Queen Bianca Driver, a tasty blend of vodka, orange juice and blue Curacao. Or the oh so good Beaches Bloody Mary. Definitely the way to start your day! Plus $2 off with any entree purchased!! Come visit Beaches Portland Airport for breakfast today.....oh so yummmm!


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