Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kool Kahunas for March!

Thanks to the Team members at Beaches Vancouver & Portland Airport. We appreciate all the hard work and effort every day! Congratulations to the following for being chose as this month's Kool Kahunas:

 Sammy has been with us for almost 5 years and continues to be as warm, funny and generous as always.  He is part of our kick butt prep team, but also jumps in whenever someone else asks for help, from running food to helping Dorri.  Sammy is a huge asset to our team and we are lucky to have him!
Tiffani has been with us for just over one year, and is back to work and moving into the bar just 4 weeks after having her second little girl.  Tiffani’s sense of humor, engaging personality and amazing life experiences make her a perfect fit for our Team.  Come sit in her section and get ready for some fun!

Jessica has been with Beaches PDX since we opened. She started working in the Beach Shack & did a great job in there taking care of the guest, making caramel corn & more caramel corn! Jessica wanted to challenge herself and move to a server position. She has only been a server for a short time but has done a great job. She is great with the guest & a great team player. Aside from work, Jessica is carrying a full college course load. Nice job Jessica!
Chuck has been with Beaches PDX from the beginning. Chuck started off doing dishes, then prepping & now he does it all. He checks in orders, does dishes, preps, & goes on the line when needed! Chuck is a man of few words, he makes up for it with all that he does. We appreciate Chuck jumping in wherever needed to get the job done!  Way to go Chuck!

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